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  1. Testing

    I don't understand how one day I can feel so confident and beautiful, and the next I feel ugly, hideous.

    The best days are when I'm so happy I don't think about appearances at all. The mirror is irrelevant.
    True happiness is not noticing the superficial things.

    I've been thinking a lot about mortality, my mortality. I wonder what I could withstand mentally and physically before I gave up.

    I think about secret rebels within my body, counting down ...
  2. Take a bow

    This is craziness, it's so goddamn insane.

    I love it, and I've never been happier.

    Thank you.
  3. Panic

    There's this claustrophobic feeling of panic that I get sometimes, it's like when I get stuck in a piece of clothing and want to tear and claw my way out. I feel like I get stuck in life and need to rip it to shreds, escape, so that I can breathe freely again.

    I think it's the new job? City living? Or maybe the freedom and endless choices that I have in front of me. They're smothering me.

    I'm drowning in possibilities
  4. Ramble Ramble

    Oh hi!
    I've just got home from my friend's birthday drinks. The people that I went with wanted to come home early, so I came home early too. It's probably a good thing for two reasons:
    1. I have to go to the farm early tomorrow morning to pick up the rest of my stuff (for some reason I wrote 'myself' instead of 'my stuff', I don't know what i left of myself on the farm, but whatever it was, it can stay there).
    2. I've had a bit to drink and I'm kind of a bit blurry now... Any ...

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  5. Goo

    It drives me insane that things can be so good and bad all at once. I guess life is a big blended up goo made out of all of the crap that happens to you. It's never a grey goo though, because nothing is black and white. Right now, mine would definately have red tinges.

    I might see if I can figure out the recipe later.
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