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  1. NaNoWriMo -Thoughts?

    November is coming up and that means so is NaNoWriMo. I'm thinking about doing it this year. For a good chunk of November, I will be residing in a small, holiday town. I'll be flying daily to a nearby island and picking up wildlife for translocation. They'll be flown to an in-land sanctuary and then I'll fly back to the town each day. This will leave me with free afternoons/evenings, and I was trying to decide what to do with myself besides walking, swimming, reading, watching movies and cooking ...
  2. Baggage

    We can't shoulder our packs and lug them around. You have to be sneaky, pretend it doesn't exist. They must be hidden, tucked away.

    A bit in a pocket.

    Some pushed into a sock.

    No lumps allowed, the surface must be smooth and flawless.

    Occasionally, a crumpled piece will fall out. God forbid. Pick it up before somebody sees, stuff it away again. Shoulders back, head erect, stand tall. Nobody can know the true weight of the burden, or you'll ...
  3. New Avatar

    It's changed It's my friend and I at Southbound - a festival where we camped for four days in 40 degree heat (celcius).

    I've been making the most of my summer, spent thousands on festival tickets, even more on booze, eaten great food, rekindled friendships, been to the beach a lot, got an amazing tan, lost weight and had possibly too much fun.. There's still a bit of loneliness that creeps in, but I guess everyone gets that.

    I'm not working at the koala park unfortunately, ...
  4. G'Day

    Hi All,

    I'm going to attempt to work this little old site back into my life.





    I'll think about it and update more later.
  5. Wakeboarding Whiz Alert

    Well, I have been hideously busy with work and uni stuff, it's super fun... Sort of.

    I went out on a friend's boat yesterday, and tried wakeboarding for the first time. I managed to get up on my first attempt but was unsure what to do with myself once up, and kept falling over after standing for five seconds. Lots and lots of water went up my nose. On my last attempt I managed to turn the board around so it was facing the right way and stayed upright for about 100 metres. Then I face ...
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