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The Cold Waiting Season

In the doorway of our wood house I stand at the top of a big white snow pile. I see straight into His eyes with my intimidating eyes but where is the worth of it when it is an innocent, brave, and sweet girl in front of an old, tough, and stubborn man.
ďAm I really gonna get it? Is that really for me?Ē I asked. He turns around and walks away with a little smile hidden in His thick beard with not even a word. He just wants me to trust Him in this affair and that is exactly what Iíll do because I know Him very well.
Let me tell you how itíll goÖ
He will go indoors in this snowy day and will sit in His big, puffy, brown couch. Me, like a little girl, will follow him inside and will find my place in His lap with an unnoticed smile. Weíll enjoy of each other with big hot chocolate cups under the grey sky. Iíll be teasing Him like a little girl does and Heíll be lovingly tough and kind. There will be plenty of pleasing talks and smiles as the hot chocolate cups pass by. Heíll be my comfortable, cushioned place to be and Iíll be his merry companion with green sparkly eyes. Weíll laugh as we see each other into our eyes. It will be a perfect intimate time. There will be nobody else in the world for us. In those cold days, it will be only He and I.
There will be no need to worry about the outdoors world. When the accurate time will come, Heíll put me my warm coat on; then weíll walk together to the mail post. There He will tell me what in this moment is unknown.

any comment?

  1. Scared

    by , 07-13-2009 at 11:24 PM (The Cold Waiting Season)
    Walking around a crowd
    I tilt my head
    wondering what you have to say.

    "Don't you know enough about me
    as to be scared?"
    You said.
    I laughed because I was not.
    I didn't know you enough.

    "Iīm scare"
    Now I say,
    For I had known
    The dark side of your soul.
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  2. No Fanny Price

    by , 07-02-2009 at 07:54 PM (The Cold Waiting Season)
    He turned out to be a Henry Crawford.
    The problem is I'm no Fanny Price.
    I felt at his persistent charm
    and got a disillusioned heart.
    Gladly the pain came in good time
    to cover up this heart of mine.
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  3. what I had in mind last night

    by , 06-22-2009 at 11:19 AM (The Cold Waiting Season)
    7:45 a.m. the beep of my cell phone pulled me out of my unconscious, sweet state. Yeah, that is not a good way to wake up. Why canít I wake up with the morning light of the sun and the soft birdsí noises? The truth is that itís my own fault. Last night, on my bed, I couldnít quit my reading. Every chapter made me long for another one and the opening words of the first new paragraph got me completely unwilling to close the book. I looked the time on my cell phone screen (I do have a clock in my ...

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  4. Not completely clear

    by , 06-15-2009 at 11:44 PM (The Cold Waiting Season)
    Everything was payed back to him this time. The fears I had last time had a name and I had given them a place; so I could enjoy his company as a friend.

    You know? people surprise you. The creativeness of the human mind has no boundaries, but I love it when it comes inspired by love. Whe it comes with no reason and waits nothing in return.

    Now I sit in here wondering what does it mean. Yes, he knows my name and the expressions of my face.
    My paths were narrow ...

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  5. - She the east; He the west -

    by , 05-30-2009 at 04:26 PM (The Cold Waiting Season)
    She was the east; he was the west.
    Both walked toward a different place.

    This brought to her, pain and regret.
    Decided, she abandoned his sunset,
    And walked east at her own pace.

    With no clue and a little late,
    He turned to her
    Wanting to make her east his place.

    But still
    She was the east and he was the west.
    There was no way to change
    Their predestinated place.

    Burning in love, ...
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