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  1. Employment

    After almost six full months, I have now landed a new job. It's been really difficult trying to gain employment in these hard times. The hardest part to getting a career job has been caused by the internet. Although the internet makes it easier to search for all of the job opportunities, it also makes it easier for all the other Johns, Joes, and Janes to search also. There was one factory nearby that I went to personally. After the ad hit the newspaper, I went straight down to the plant to ...
  2. The Eaglet

    The little eagle in her nest
    does wish to spread her wings
    The lofty height of baskets made
    the abode from which she sings

    The first flight a scary trip
    the maiden voyage made
    the greatest journey that one takes
    from memory never fade

    So eager to jump from the safe
    into the unknown sky
    to fly with buzzards, ravens, crows,
    to see things from so high

    The eaglet lifts up from the pad
    to ...
  3. Another Journey Across the Sky

    Each night as the ball retires
    Into the sea of waves
    The boiling cauldron it becomes
    Another world it paves

    Without its guidance way up there
    There needs to be another
    Not as big or illuminating
    But maybe a little brother

    The lunar friend that we have
    Bears many different faces
    Some nights it is a smile alone
    Without light for some dark places

    Some say that he is made of cheese
    Then ...
  4. My gift to you!!

    Anybody for a homemade gift?

    My gift to you all...

    As twilight falls into the darkness blue
    we wrap ourselves in red and green
    the hills adorned in folds of white
    the portrait has painted its blessed scene.

    The sweets are baked and cooling now
    while children drift off to scenes of deer,
    the milk half drank and sugar licked
    an intruder ...
  5. It's been real, but is it worth it?

    It has been a while since I have been here. Although I've enjoyed many of the games, I have been trying to figure out the benefits of visiting this site. If I can add a profitable aspect to this site, I could give some time to do that. However, I have found many of the discussions to be unprofitable Christian bashing episodes. Many of the threads that have been added are totally unrelated to literature and have been added to spark controversial discussion that attacks Christian values.
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