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Life in a small town.

  1. Jubilee.

    by , 06-03-2012 at 03:48 AM (Life in a small town.)
    A short poem to celebrate the occasion of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith's Diamond Jubilee.

    That Liz,
    Is the Biz,
    She is.
  2. Lambing again.

    by , 05-17-2012 at 01:10 PM (Life in a small town.)
    Nothing has happened to me lately to inspire a blog, but lambing time has been and gone so I thought I'd jot down a few things about that.

    Young Stephen, a nephew, came up to help this year. He was such a sharp little lad when he was 12, but teenagerhood has hit him hard. A shrug and a grunt is now his only means of communication (apart from constantly texting persons unknown.) He manages to combine both the Aristotelean Laws of motion, in that his body remains in motion only ...
  3. Old Age.

    by , 12-01-2011 at 05:30 PM (Life in a small town.)
    I am 53 this year and can now see old age approaching like an unwelcome guest, a distant figure still, but coming over the horizon inexorably heading my way. Soon it will move in and impose itself, demanding consideration, everything will be deferred to it, stopping me from doing the things I want, stopping me wanting to do them.

    There are several constants a man can use to measure the passage of time - the age of policemen or the age of doctors and teachers (no, they donít get ...
  4. Classic!

    by , 06-20-2011 at 02:26 AM (Life in a small town.)
    "you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don't go into into Mr. McGregor's garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor."

    And so it begins! That's one of the best things about having a nearly 3 year old granddaughter, rediscovering classics like The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. Seeing her engrossed and fascinated, feeling the thrill once more through her eyes. Has there ever been a more scary literary villian than Mr McGregor?

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  5. Networking

    by , 06-12-2011 at 04:02 AM (Life in a small town.)

    The search for a new bull has been intense and depressing. I had to sell my own bull -Blondel - because I had kept some of his daughters and they are now of breeding age. My neighbour was going to share with me at a bull this spring Ė neither of us has many cows so it seemed sensible, we could pool resources, get a quality sire and run our herds together.

    The trouble is cattle prices are at an all time high, (unlike when I sold Blondel) and bulls ...

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