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Cellar Door

  1. Frustration

    I am very frustrated today. So I'm gonna make a list of things that frustrates me:

    I hate that I can't find a job in my field; I graduated from college that I financed myself last may with a freaking 4.0 while working two jobs in order to "better myself" but guess what? It's almost a year later and I can't get into grad school and I'm still working those two same crappy jobs, only now for more hours; is paying the rent really worth it when you work 75 hours a week?! I ...
  2. Lovely Bookcases...

    I, like the rest of you, I assume, have a ridiculous, incredible amount of books. It really is getting crazy. Anyway, I just moved out of an apartment on which every wall had a built in bookcase. The whole thing was filled with books. It was lovely. But I digress- I moved to a duplex with NO BOOKCASES. I am chronically broke- don't read this too closely, you may catch it *COUGH COUGH*- so cannot buy any.

    Now the real story sets in. My well-meaning aunt has a widower friend. ...
  3. Tomorrow Yesterday and Today

    Several never lever sever likeness simple sorrow told tomorrow cold until the morning light...
  4. I am Fallen

    saw a mouse behind the stove

    winked at me whiskers twitching

    heard the rhythmic ticking on
    and on
    of salvation

    but it's just my clock

    next to the tattered newspaper on the chair

    fallen from the wall

    fallen just like me

    fallen from grace