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  1. Sometimes all the pieces do not make the whole

    This started as a reply to a thread that I started a couple days ago. When I finished writing it, it had become a blog entry.

    So here it is.

    My parents divorced when I was in my early 20s. I was in graduate school. It was totally strange; up until then my family was fairly perfect, if traditional. My mom did her traditionally female hobbies: cooking, quilting, house care. . .and she had a bachelor's degree in modern language and taught high school full time. Later, ...

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  2. A Former Love, A Dream, A Death

    I'm not sure who to tell this too, but I need to tell someone, so it's going to be you all.

    So, before I met my wife, I was crazy for this girl in college. Call her Jane. Upon reflection, when all the crushes and infatuations of my younger life are sifted out, I'd say that she was the first girl that I truly loved.

    I was a coward back then -- more so than I am now, and while I loved Jane, I never acted on it. We became close -- friends with a comfortable tension. At ...

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  3. When The Comedian is Your Leader: My Manifesto of Dictatorship

    Okay, I've wanted to write this for a long time. Let's say that something went terribly well with the world, me, The Comedian, was established as dictator of the United States.

    And for the love of all that is Holy about LitNet -- this blog is for entertainment purposes only! If The Comedian reads one word about politics, democrats, republicans, Tories, the domestic policy of the Netherlands, libertarian "frontier mentality" or any other nonsense, I'll disable the comments ...
  4. Some Observations about the Puddles in My Driveway

    Maybe it's that the morning light seems more orange than it did weeks ago. Maybe it's the soft melt of 34 degrees (f). Maybe it's that I can smell the mud again. But I see spring approaching.

    It's the time of morning melts and nightly freezes.

    . . . . .

    Most mornings I take a brief walk outside. My wife calls it my daily "survey". Let me tell you a little about my recent surveys. It's March in the North and here is what I love about it: the ...

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  5. A Sappy & Prosaic Ode to My Wife: For Valentine's Day

    I remember when I proposed to you, my love. I bought coffee and muffins from a local bakery and picked you up very early (well before the breaking of the day). You were disoriented, groggy, and (admit it) a little peeved.

    But I was focused and driven (and nervous). I took you to the picnic table by the pond in that small state park. (Remember how we used to go before it opened so we didn't have to pay the entrance fee?)

    As you sipped your coffee, I fumbled the box ...

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