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  1. To the bus stop, bareback

    This poem was originally written for the Subject poetry contest.

    To the bus stop, bareback

    The old barbed-wire gate --
    Then the pond and cattails,
    Then the big bare hill and
    over sagebrush, sagebrush.

    To the bus stop, bareback
    Fast freedom to backtrack

    From her long mane I swung
    Like Christmas tinsel and
    She would run, run, run, run --
    The halter not halting.

    To the bus stop, ...
  2. Earth Smells: A List

    Here are the top 5 earthy smells that will ever grace your olfactory nerve:

    1. The steam from peeled potatoes boiling in a pot of water

    2. The morning air after mowing the grass

    3. Dry yerba mate tea

    4. The dust trail that a pick-up leaves after speeding down a gravel road in the dry August heat

    5. The methane bubbles that tumble up from the mucky river-bottom

    Each of these smells brings me a joy of hearth, ...

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  3. Blood Suckers

    One of my favorite authors, Edward Abbey, wrote that if re-incarnation were possible, he'd like to come back to earth as a turkey vulture:

    Silent. Aloof. And does the dirty work. "Let us praise the noble turkey vulture: No one envies him; he harms nobody; and he contemplates our little world from a most serene and noble height" Abbey wrote. ...

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  4. Cleaning Up the Crap at #6

    This poem was submitted for the Subject Poetry Contest.

    Cleaning Up the Crap at #6

    Each morning before work and during lunch,
    In a business suit and Italian shoes,
    I walked the path around Reservoir Six.
    I thought "there are so many ways to lose".

    A new career, a new wife, a new walk
    Five ties, two blazers (blue), one ham sandwich -
    And litter here and there, on this and that.
    I thought "what ...
  5. Why I Refuse to Let a Banana Win: A Meditation

    Sometimes I can be a little competitive. And other times I can be a lot competitive. The competitive drive peaks when I pit myself versus myself. If I set a goal for myself, I need to finish it. Especially if this goal is frivolous, inconsequential, or otherwise meaningless. (Yes, I know that last sentence is a fragment).

    So I have this silly pet peeve: picky eaters. Unless you're 5 or are deadly allergic to mushrooms, you should not pick them off your pizza. Just eat the damn thing ...

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