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  1. Real Men: A List and A Lament

    Lately, I've been pretty disappointed with my once-proud gender. Sure generations ago were were violence-mongering *******s with tendencies to xenophobia and misogyny.

    But that stuff gets too much press these days. As a former boss of mine once said, "in lieu of the truth, people will always accept bad news as gospel". Now, men seem to be pathetic, lethargic, and overall undignified.

    Real Men:

    1. Work hard -- with their muscles, I mean. They ...
  2. How I Almost Stepped on a Fairly Large Bear. . ..

    I'm down stairs at my house -- probably checkin' my fantasy football team or reading a LitNet thread, when I hear a loud

    *crash, bang, tumble crash!*

    from the garage. I think something just fell off of one of the shelves. Maybe one of the kids' sleds.

    Anyway, it's gettin' time for me to go pick up the kids. So I walk up stairs and get my keys, wallet and phone and get read to go out the door.

    Interlude Regarding "the Door" ...

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  3. Fantasy Football

    So I tell my wife "you know dear there's only one thing -- just one! -- that I love more than you and the kids: the Fantasy Football draft. All the other days, you guys are more important to me. You should be grateful." She does this: and smiles.

    Later I say this to her: "Honey, let me revise my previous statement: there's only one day in the entire year that's more important to me than our anniversary, Christmas, either kid's birthday, etc: the fantasy ...

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  4. A Hike, a Martini, a week and a half

    I just returned from a week or so in the Rocky Mountains with my family. I grew up there -- in the foothills at the base of the mountains. I used to ride an ATV up the face on a dirt road that gets closed in the winter and turned into a snowmobile route.

    We stayed with my mom and her husband.

    While there we took our daughters on their first true mountain hike. My oldest was great. We gave her our little camera to take pictures of the wildflowers that she saw along ...

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  5. Summer Project #2

    I also posted this in a thread in the General Chat forum. But I think it's a pretty good stand-alone blog too, so I put it here as well.

    Summer Project #2

    This summer I planned build a landscaping-block planter to, primarily, hide some unsightly septic vents in our yard. This project is now, more or less, complete. (The "more or less" means that we still have to add some plants, but the major construction is done).

    First I needed my toolbox ...
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