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  1. From The Comedian's Journal

    I made this list of "what women want" when I was about 19, which was quite some time ago. I thought it might be fun(ny) to post here. And, hell, it's not too shabby.

    From the Journal
    Here is what women want in men, the definitive list! (Soon to be revised).

    1. A circle of mystery at the center of which is integrity.
    2. Strength -- stout emotional control, respectable biceps, handy with the tools of the workshop, is not afraid of infants.

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  2. Whither the Wild woods. . . .

    I'm a consistently amazed at the invisible boundaries that we all respect. We bend our behavior to them.

    Let me illustrate. So, I live in the woods. And, barring a few partially fenced areas, the boundary between our yard and "the woods" is marked only by raised beds of leaves and underbrush.

    The other day I took my youngest daughter (2 years old) for a "snow walk" (I carry her into the woods, through the snow and occasionally plop her down in ...

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  3. Do They Sell (real) Magic Wands on Ebay?

    Few of us still believe in magic. My daughter (age 5) is one of these people. Even though she hasn't seen any magic (I think), she is committed to her belief that magic is here in this world. And not just a generalized "magic". She believes that Care Bears live in the clouds, that the chickadees and nuthatches that visit our feeder really talk with each other, that winged faeries live just on the outskirts our travels.

    To whit, her Christmas list this year. So, she and I ...

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  4. The Whispering Gurney: The Comedian's Nightmare

    I had a crazy nightmare last night -- woke up mumbling to myself.

    So, I'm in an unfamiliar place. My two daughters (ages 5 & 2) are with me. It's dark. Bedtime. So, I find this old hospital gurney, sort of like this one

    only it has a raised curtain that completely encircles it.

    Driven by some unknown urgency, I know that I have to put my daughters to bed. And this gurney is the only ...

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  5. More snow, more cold

    More snow today. More cold. Thank God.

    It was 15 degrees (f) this morning. I didn't wear a coat or a hat.

    I arrived at work early and got out of my car to walk the short distance to my building. Some else got out of her car at about the same time. She was bundled from head to toe: down coat, wool hat, gloves. . . . .

    "Forget your coat?" she asks.

    "No. I only wear coats when it's cold outside" I reply and smile. ...

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