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Hi,welcome to my blog~

  1. Today is a very sad day

    Very upset tonight
    I don't know how to express my bad feelings
    I finally know:
    How humble you could be when love a person
    What is love?
    How long does it keep?
    It is awful to pretend happy
    How can I make myself delight?
    Maybe what I want is just I want to know how much he cares about me
    How long my love will keep on?
    I am really afraid that the day comes to me
    But I cannot be ...
  2. a little nervous and a little sad

    Now i am working in a foreign trade company. I am very afraid of my boss and sometimes I think I am very stupid and my English is not good.The most important thing is it seems that there is generation between boss and I.
    Dear everybody,I need your help and support
    And I have 2 questions as follow:
    1: "The 10% discount amounts to 5.30, what do I have to do to get it back??" In this sentence, what the speaker actually mean? Does think 10% discount ...
  3. These days

    After a short period of trying to a children teacher ,I gave up and came back to school. I thought I was suitable to be a teacher but actually not .I just attractted by the money .I ought not to .
    Now I am beginning to persue my dream .
  4. ???

    I do not how to post