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Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.

Due to posting my first few writings in "uncategorized" I guess I'll continue to post them there.

  1. Hello again

    by , 07-25-2009 at 12:39 AM (Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.)
    Hey everyone. I know its been a while. I have been very very busy. Well update on the petty stuff. Work is going well. I love my job and if you know me at all you already know that so I won't go into details. I'm living in a new place this year. They call it the barn apartment. I would call it a penthouse. No need to remind anyone how rich the guy that owns this ranch is. So its an apartment to his standards; beautiful and amazing. I have one roommate now but when he moves out I am all ...
  2. Not sure on a title for this one

    by , 06-14-2009 at 02:35 PM (Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.)
    I see nothing but hate,
    Every man is a con
    Every woman a whore
    Every child a fiend

    I am nothing but hate
    Blacker than the sun
    A blanket of death over flower fields
    A cold blade hidden in warm skin

    You will wear a necklace of thin piano wire
    You will dance in the desert night, hanging in the air
    Flames lick at your feet, two-step dancing feet
    I will slit your throat.
  3. There is no faith

    by , 06-08-2009 at 12:40 AM (Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.)
    There is no faith
    When the sun falls from the sky
    There is no church
    When it's "children" are screaming

    Men praying to the clouds
    The sky is all that remains quiet
    Flames of hell lick the earth
    Only fire will judge the righteous from the damned

    There is nothing in this death
    Identical to a million others
    Skin deep burns,
    Paper thin scars

    Christ your lord
    Has failed his fathers ...

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  4. Sparkles and blood.

    by , 05-11-2009 at 11:32 PM (Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.)
    A beautiful mind
    Sweet and innocent,
    Dark and sadistic.
    Gleaming sparkles
    Floating in blood.

    Screams draw me closer
    The sirens song
    But no sharp rock
    Can stop this ship
    From the deafening call

    This is the end
    You have captured me now
    A prisoner
    Forever drowning
    In sparkles and blood.
  5. The rebel

    by , 05-08-2009 at 08:30 PM (Poems, general writings, ravings, and other things.)
    Rebellion tied naked to a post
    Screaming hate to the empty heavens,
    Sharp cracking,
    Distant cries.
    This love is a gift
    Passed from father to son,
    Through the end of a whip.

    The cut face turns upward;
    Fighting the sharp leather.
    "I am the wolf,
    By the end of this day
    I will be drinking your blood,
    And knawing at your flesh.
    Your love will not go unpunished."
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