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  1. Nightshade's Avatar
    It wasnt meant to be but Ta, anyway
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    I love this phrase Night: "the dust of demotivation." Very, very poetic. I shall always remember that. Thanks. It made my day, believe it or not.
  3. Nightshade's Avatar
    not sure yet but Im pretty sure that them and we are nearly sold out!!
    course most of 112 tickets went to over excited library staff but what the hay right?
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  5. Virgil's Avatar
    A beatiful post Night. I enjoyed that a lot. If we can all just notice the little things that touch the sacred and holy.
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    Hi, Night I'm wondering how you like uni there especially with assignments like that. Is that typical of schools in England? I'm curious because my daughter is hoping to go to school somewhere in England. I hope you see this to respond. Ciao.
  7. Shannanigan's Avatar
    That's pretty sad...but it just goes to show the naivity of some people, in my opinion anyway. I don't want to come off as an "Injust World Hypothesis" kind of person and seem pessimistic, but there are people out there with cruel intentions and that cannot be denied... Education is the key to overcoming these uninformed assertations
  8. kilted exile's Avatar
    Ahh yes, the wonderful institution of british journalism the tabloid. I will go further than you however, The Sun is racist and xenophobic, chauvanistic as well (I have no worries about getting sued the case is too easy to make). Whilst I was growing up my father worked for a tabloid, I remember walking through the building and everyone was either drunk or gambling, but hey they printed an article I wrote so I cant complain too much I suppose.
  9. Psycheinaboat's Avatar
    I am very happy for you. This was a nice post to read this morning.
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    See Part 1 Below

    Also, traditionally evenings and jights have been the time for story telling and recounting history. In November, we are coming into winter with its longer nights. That means more time for sitting around the fire telling stories, etc.

    The reason so many people feel somewhat morose and.or depressed is that we no longer live by that calendar. We feel at a loss because there is no winter storytelling. Another "evil" brought on by technology.


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    Winter has historically been the time for humans to turn to mental activities like reflection. Remember, our history has been much more agrarian than industrial. November, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the first month of inactivity after the harvest. Also, the weather makes hunting and gathering much more difficult. End of Part 1
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    okay, good reason (golly that sounds traumatic...glad to hear that you survived it!)
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    Ooooh...don't worry I know people who are...what would it be? Pyrophilics? Yup, I'm sure that someone can have a firework phobia...but I am sorry to hear that you are/may be one of those people...I like them, from a safe distance, they are so awfully pretty...
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    hey, why do you hate fireworks, it is the best thing that can happen to somebody especially when you are in ahappy mode, like birthday celebrations, weddings, new years etc. So i advise you not to hate fireworks
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    Thank you very much, Night!! It's great to see the Lady of Smilies again.
    Party's on... Cheesecake everywhere!
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    Ive never had a blog before....what on earth am I supposed to do with one?
    Make it your public diary.
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    This is my first time with blogging as well.

    So let's talk about smilies! This is one of my favourites:

    My favourite smilies pattern is :P
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