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Poems and word experiments

  1. Fine

    by , 08-28-2009 at 12:44 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    So tried the other way of getting an idea for a poem and going with it as opposed to words that say write me write me and here we go.
    __________________________________________________ __

    Busy again today?
    And tomorrow and next week too?
    Man you are busy!
    Well maybe Iíll catch you later,
    You know me anytimeís fine.

    SO you donít want to talk to me?
    Donít want to be my friend?
    Well thatís fine too!

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    , Poems and word experiments
  2. Question

    by , 08-27-2009 at 05:01 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    Since this is a blog and not a thinngy thread I get to be as rambley ( ramblous ( what is the adjective of ramble anyway?) I am going about his the long way if you want to get to he point scroll down to the * , this was your only warning.

    So I started thinking sometime in the middle of last night well actually to start before that obviously been writing a bit more than usual, this is mainly I direct result of having too much free time on my hands and certain people being around ...
  3. A new week

    by , 08-25-2009 at 08:11 AM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    So I am over being down, this has been a GOOD week so far, Ive got things I wanted done, I have been in an amazing good mood, I yeah just good. I even did a little more writing, you have got to love poetry nights!

    I am positive
    Burning bright
    Explosively joyous
    Fireworks in the night

    Words are moving back and forth
    Stitching across reality
    Bounding through space and time
    Lighting up my
  4. A productive day

    by , 08-19-2009 at 12:25 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    I have had a productive day, well kind of see I got some writing done not exactly what I wanted but once I started I couldnít switch it off. Its been well lets say over a year maybe more since I actually properly sat down tow rite anything( and everything) that popped into my head. Anyway if I can say Thank you thank you to Aimus for the much needed kick up the arse and the inspiration. Mind I almost donít want to mention your name because it will inevitably lead to comparisons that are never in ...

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    Poems and word experiments
  5. Beep and Dash and Hyphen you

    by , 05-26-2009 at 05:21 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    I'm a thief
    I'm a thief
    I am a rotting cheating thief.

    But when I see this on your site
    you're a rotten thiever too.
    You're a shoe
    you're a gnat
    You're a a-
    Plagiarising BOOO

    Beep and dash and Hyphen too!


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    Poems and word experiments
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