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Memories of the 28th Century

Miscellaneous thoughts about miscellaneous matters

  1. Political Correctness and the Climate

    by , 05-20-2017 at 03:17 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    Among a wide swath of Americans there are several topics about which disagreement is not permitted; these include: race, gender, religion, disabilities, war, trade, crime, punishment, drugs, climate change, and a variety of other issues. The committee of political purity has looked at these matters and decreed that there is one single opinion permitted for these matters, and straying from the approved opinion is strictly forbidden. For most matters it is simply a matter of people with strong opinions ...
  2. Political Correctness: Correct Per Order of The Central Committee

    by , 11-10-2015 at 04:51 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    Politically correct
    1. Marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ecology.
    Politically correct
    demonstrating progressive ideals, esp. by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, esp. concerning race and gender PC
    Word Origin and History for politically correct
    First attested in prevailing current sense 1970; abbreviation ...

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