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    So true. Here in California we could use the water since it would be "so well managed". re Sci-Fi: Asteroids - we still have SG-1, and Aliens - the benevolent "To Serve Man" authors

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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    And this in to muddy the waters:
    Using an array of satellite observations, researchers have found that the climatic influence of global air pollution has dropped by up to 30% from 2000 levels. Although this is welcome news for public health—airborne fine particles, or aerosols, are believed to kill several million people per year—it is bad news for global warming. The cleaner air has effectively boosted the total warming from carbon dioxide emitted over the same time by anywhere from 15% to 50%, estimates Johannes Quaas, a climate scientist at Leipzig University and lead author of the study. And as air pollution continues to be curbed, he says, “There is a lot more of this to come.”
    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
  3. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Even more important, is that writing allows one to consider one’s words carefully and to revise if the initial idea was not perfect, and it is easier to revise before the delivery than it is with spoken words.
    I´d like to add, that depending the nature of the complaint, the written form can be used as a proof.

    Thanks for this post Peter L.
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    I can't always abide, however, and it should be remembered the Goethe hid up in the highest room of his castle when the gates were besieged, leaving the footmen (servants) and other staff to deal with the invaders.

    Always appreciative,
    With love,
    your friend.
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    Goethe said that too
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    I am very glad that you liked it. Writing it made me think about nihilism, something that I have seldom thought much bwfore, and I realized that nihilism is absurd.
    Expressing things in a positive way is something that I aim for. If it can't be put pleasantly, or without nastiness, then it might be better not to express it. I have that that works well in complaining about poor service, etc.
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    I'm sorry for all my mistakes before. I love you a lot Peter.
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    Yes, I think there is always hope. Hope is the thing with feathers. As they say -- it was done a while back some experiments where rats were in water -- well, anyway they lived about 25% longer if they could see a possible landing zone, even if it was taken away. The inhumanity of the experiments aside (although not for me eternally), the info from them is very important. . . and valuable I think. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says it simply; "hope for tomorrow allows us to bear a hardship today." and I'm always doing my best to simply encourage the three things. . . Self-faith (in others), trust in their good outcome, or hope, and then of course peace.... and health... I do my best always.

    In terms of my life interactions with others it's my primary thing to do this way, to above all help people have faith in themselves, and from there do what they may do. Or what they feel best.

    Swami Vivekananda and Shantideva both expressed this; i.e., the former said, "The greatest religion of all is to have faith in yourself," and the latter said, "it is the only duty of a Bodhisattva to encourage faith or increase faith," the latter is paraphrased, and the first one more or less the same. -- I am with you completely on the Goddess, thing, to me it's absolutely clear and simple that the elemental form of the universe is Female, i.e., the Life-giving principle, Life-sustaining principle of Love, and whatever else we may call God is more connected with Goddess than with male forms. But it's only a minor thing for instance, but Goddess and Earth, Earth is a mother and so forth. . . but like as you said, that's an aside!

    As for the rest, Yeah, I guess I can simply say as before that it's very nice, the thing you said. I mean how yo use words and you do not say any negativity but you still express what you feel. I appreciate and like that a lot. I could write much more but I guess just wanted to say this for now.
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    I loved reading this. Actually I read it five or six hours ago. I should have commented sooner mayhap but at least I'm now. Nice to see... I like the way you use words without negativity yet clearly stating your view and understanding. It's powerful and good. So thank you..
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    Follow the money.

    Follow the truth.
  12. PeterL's Avatar
    And this website or clothing manufacturer appears to be named ""Just Hype". I wonder if that elps sales.
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    What is a dementia clock? Is that where your onset of dementia was scheduled?

    I just searchd for such things, and the prices made me gasp. Then I got to the ones that weren't for the elderlyy, ad the prices were half as much.
    Updated 05-02-2022 at 09:25 AM by PeterL
  14. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Oh, I see!My Dementia Clock was expensive enough! But here there are not many specific products for old people. There is a sort of cell phone, more designed for retarded indeed.
    And the retired civil servants are massively offered loans. It is a good business for the banks, because the ratings can be deduced directly from the client´s pension.
  15. PeterL's Avatar
    But targetting old people means they can double the price.
  16. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Had a closer look at the senior products and I had to lol. Never heard about some of them for example fall detection products, which can be very helpful. As can security bars, but those we can install here too. Gorilla mats are not difficult to find either. Loved the cordless electric kettle, but don´t feel in need of electric tin or can opener. Was enchanted by the doorbell as it offers security for all ages. And lastly was gratified to learn that the innocent digital clock I keep in the living room fits all the description and shows the temperature into the bargain.
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    Well you're welcome? You dislike Trans? Do you follow some Old Testament or something?
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    Thanks for the laugh.
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  20. NikolaiI's Avatar
    But the thing is the opposite is there true as well. Women have that same view a lot of the time and so that is the only problem. Same view in reverse. I guess it works out in the end.
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