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    I don't know where you get your news, but you should take it with grain os salt.

    Lack of law and order is not a significant issue, even though Trump tries to make it into something. While there may be protests at night in a few cities, during the day time those places are carrying on as usual without any problems. The state and local leaders are quite competent, unlike the guy in the Oval Office, and they do not need outside help; although they might like to have fewer outsiders going in and trying to start race riots.

    Joe Biden is sharp as a tack. He shows no signs of mental deterioration, unlike Trump who acts like a child having a tantrum. Trump has little understanding of current domestic and foreign developments. He ran for president for the publicity, so he might make money from it, but he has no idea how government operates. He seems to think that he can run the U.S.A. as he has run his enterprises, which he ran into bankruptcy six times, and in a few more years, he might run the U.S.A. into bankruptcy.

    You might want to find better sources of news. Multiple soources are best, because none can be trusted all of the time.
  2. tonywalt's Avatar
    Interesting post.

    I am not familiar with America. I just hope that law and order is imposed in a forceful way onto the states where there is trouble. The constitution permits wide powers to individual states and quite a few run by inept leaders have diminished the Rule of Law. We can all only hope for law and order. #lawandorder

    Also, I pray, as Biden struggles with memory loss - that he can recover somehow. This memory loss and loss of mental faculty may be perceived as a weakness, and he would be taken advantage of by the "radical fringes" you mention in your last paragraph.

    It is now time to walk my dog. I just need to get the dog whistle and his treats, and I am off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buh4Bee
    Maybe the weather channel is accurate.
    More so than most.
  4. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Maybe the weather channel is accurate.
  5. PeterL's Avatar
    Don't worry, while your decisions are constrained by cause and effect, you are not a simulation of a human, regardless of your what you might wish. I think that Port and Madeira are better than martinis, so have a glass of wine. And remember William of Occam.
  6. AuntShecky's Avatar
    Ok, so right now I'm —as the kids used to say — "weirded out." Less than 24 hours ago I read a New Yorker article with references to this very topic. "All the President's Men" by Jill Lepore describes the first time computer technology was employed in a Presidential election, namely the 1960 race between Kennedy and Nixon. The article ended with chilling parallels to simulation and such exploits by Facebook, Cambridge Analytical, and so forth.

    "And" — as the infomercials are wont to shout — "that's not all!" About a week ago, yours fooly finished viewing the final season of "Westworld" in which a futuristic tech corporation not only gathers info about every individual in the world's population but actually uses the data to design every minute of each person's life. It goes the social engineering one step farther.

    In addition to "The Matrix" (which after seeing all three components I'm not sure I completely comprehend) I'm beginning to recall other cultural allusions to this concept, such as the Series Finale to "St Elsewhere" from way back in 1988. The highly-imaginative gimmick was less like the "It was all a dream" cliché than an early glimmer of the phenomenon of which you speak.

    It all makes me a little angsty. If I were a drinking woman, I'd make myself a martini right about now and do what the great realist James Thurber advised: "Leave your mind alone."
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    It's time for me to update this.
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    I should have mentioned this:
    In 1863, soldiers arrested, tried and found guilty Democratic Sen. Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio for violating Army orders against public expressions of Confederate sympathies. He had denounced the War and the Administration at home and in Congress. President Abraham Lincoln banished Vallandigham to rebel territory. He returned and appealed the action in the Supreme Court.
    and Milligan, in which the Supreme Court found that military courst could not operate in places where the civil courts operated in cases against civilians, but it was too late for Sen. Clement L. Vallandigham, but this is how government by edict operates. Milligan was not decided until after Lincoln had died. Keep this in mind, when a chief executive tries to operate outside the law.
    Did the history of the civil war that you learned evenr mention either of these men? Or did you run into them in a course on constitutional law?
    Updated 06-27-2020 at 10:27 PM by PeterL
  9. Danik 2016's Avatar
    I don´t know if this interests you but there is a fragmentary novel called "Juneteenth" by Ralph Ellison. It has to do with the murder of a politician but also, if I rightly remember with the end of slavery.
  10. PeterL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buh4Bee
    But it might be good for ugly people.
    Yes, it is their opportunity to shine.
  11. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    But it might be good for ugly people.
  12. PeterL's Avatar
    That is true, but it might harm the rest of humanity.
    Updated 05-12-2020 at 09:55 PM by PeterL
  13. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    If your ugly and have beautiful eyes, this might be your moment to shine.
  14. PeterL's Avatar
    It is a minor outbreak of disease, and more people have died from flu this season than from coronavirus, but there no great noise about those people.
  15. Danik 2016's Avatar
    It is a pandemic with lots of people dying from it. Which doesn´t exclude the possibility of greater ones in the future.
  16. MANICHAEAN's Avatar
    The main gainers in the UK seem to be the supermarkets ( panic buying) and the producers of: toilet rolls, rice, pasta and tinned baked beans! This is closely followed by pharmacy's and payment to all kinds of experts that appear on TV. Perhaps barter with toilet rolls, hand gel and face masks will replace money?
  17. PeterL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm53
    Lots of wishful thinking here.

    1. DC fans are not representative of the nation's voters.
    2. Senate will not convict T.
    3. T will be the R presidential candidate in 2020. Haley? Dream on.
    4. The race will be T v. Biden, or T v. Warren. Bernie is out, but he could be a spoiler.
    Thanks for the laugh, but I did not mention your vote or how you might cast it in the blog, nor did I mention the impeachment going to trial, nor did I suggest that D.C. fans were typical of anything. But I greatly doubt the truthiness of your point three. But I also have great doubts about Haley's future also.
  18. Norm53's Avatar
    Lots of wishful thinking here.

    1. DC fans are not representative of the nation's voters.
    2. Senate will not convict T.
    3. T will be the R presidential candidate in 2020. Haley? Dream on.
    4. The race will be T v. Biden, or T v. Warren. Bernie is out, but he could be a spoiler.
    Updated 10-30-2019 at 11:00 AM by Norm53
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    yograj shastri, If you don't have anything to write ablout a blog entry, then you should not post to a blog entry. If you want people to read your ideas, then you should consider starting a blog of your own, but I thank you for reading my blog.
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