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Memories of the 28th Century

Miscellaneous thoughts about miscellaneous matters

  1. Why Conspiracies?

    by , 12-30-2014 at 09:02 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    Why do people believe conspiracy theories? Apparently there are several reasons, but most reasons amount to intellectual laziness, by which I mean that people don't bother thinking about the matter but just accept something that fits what they want to believe without examining the facts. You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

    Within the last few days I ran into a few people who still believe that the 9/11 attacks were not what has been presented by the investigators. ...
  2. Intellectual Honesty

    by , 04-07-2014 at 04:18 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    I have known a good number of very intelligent people, and with a few exceptions (people with Aspergerís Syndrome) those intelligent people were perfectly willing to admit error when they learned that they were wrong. Unfortunately, that seems not to be true of some other people.

    A few days ago I was talking to a college student, and the matter of climate change came up. I explained the major problems with the matter as it has been presented in the press, and my student friend expressed ...

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