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Memories of the 28th Century

Miscellaneous thoughts about miscellaneous matters

  1. Hat in the Ring?

    by , 01-26-2019 at 04:57 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    Has the time come for me to toss my hat into the ring for the presidency of the United States of America in 2020?

    The U.S.A. hasn't had an independent president since Washington. And I doubt that any party would be willing to back me, except maybe the Libertarian Party. Or I could declare that I am with the Classical Liberal Party, and that would confuse most people. Having someone at the top who was as unconnected from political insiders and criminals world be refreshing. Several ...
  2. Trump? Who Cares?

    by , 12-20-2016 at 10:09 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    There seems to be a line of thinking in America that leads toward monarchy. Many people are fascinated by monarchs and things that are regal. The British royal family are reported in the press almost as if they were the monarchs of the U.S.A., even through we dumped that bunch two hundred forty years ago. But many people like the pageantry, regalia, and odd customs that go along with monarchy. There are even some people in the U.S. who think that the president has monarchial powers. Unfortunately, ...