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  1. African Dream

    Moments lost in dreaming
    Like love in slumber

    What is meant to be
    And what is
    Diverge paths,
    Wreathing sharp images
    Of desire.

    Fiery exchanges never
    To be consummated
    Though a rising fire
    Governs wild and unquenched

    And here we are
    Each other's poetry
    Like two grains of sand
    Upon the same shore.
  2. old and new...

    An older poem:

    I lost you that day
    On the shores of eternity.
    You were engulfed by the sea;
    Taken as its prisoner

    I trembled as I looked on
    Across the crescent of the moon
    Your silhouette slipping away
    Into the unbridled waves.

    I lost you that night
    To the fervor of the sea.
    You left like a ship
    Commanded by the stars
    Into the Unknown, the uncertain.

    Now I never go back
  3. Gypsy Girl

    Gypsy Girl

    Run, little girl
    Run, become a woman now.
    You are like a gypsy
    Pregnant with fear
    And loathing.
    Your wrath towards the
    World which outcast you
    Grows in angry pangs,
    Like a child's kick in the womb.
    Yet, you have not yet
    Given birth to your
    Importunate sorrow.
    I pray you do not
    Carry the infant of
    Your grief into this world,
    And pierce my already ...
  4. Love's Lament

    Quixotic dreams we dream
    Weaving webs of love and sadness
    Adrift in unimagined fields of fervor

    Resistance is futile,
    Though real;
    Real like the love which
    sails the seas unrequited and wasted.

    The age of lyricism
    Abates and dissolves
    Into unspoken words;
    Unadorned with poetic pasts,
    corroded with impure verse,
    swollen with weighted time.

    Time is but a measure