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  1. Kundalini

    Finally I breath in land of reality
    My heart and mind are finally clear to world illusion
    Beloved and Kundalini only are alone shining in meditation.
  2. How we human are????

    How we human are????
    One is full of lust
    One is full of desire
    One is content
    How we humans are
    One is full of sin
    One is full of kind
    how we humans are
    One is full of patience
    One is patience less
    How we humans are
    One is atheist
    One is Theists
    How we humans are
    One is devotee
    One is devotee less
    How we humans are
    One is bearing life
    One is living ...
  3. I need salvation!!!!

    Moving alone in my room
    Thinking how to survive in this world
    Shouting on self
    What to do now donít know,
    Where to move???
    Words are showing my frustration
    No other option
    How to show my anger
    Donít have any one to share my pain
    Now what to do
    I need salvation
    My soul is cried enough
    My heart is numb has no feeling
    I am feeling my words are leaving me
    Want to cry
    Where to move???
  4. The True Story of the Taj Mahal!!!!

    Was the Taj Mahal a Vedic Temple?
  5. I must leave your desire now!!!!

    I must leave your desire now
    Now you are apart from me
    And I know you will not come to me
    I donít think so I should wait
    Of cores I love you
    And I wish I would still love you
    And I miss you every movement
    But you Brock my illusion
    I am free from every illusion
    Now I have come to realize
    You have nothing to me
    But really I want you to know
    I have precious love feeling for you
    I have profuse love for you
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