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  1. I need your reply

    I need your reply

    Never thought it would hurt this much.
    Never thought I would miss your touch

    Three days not hearing from you
    I don't have an idea or a clue

    I can't bear another day
    Please don't treat me this way

    I'm feeling down, sad and mad
    Trying to hold myself but I can't

    Are you avoiding me
    Are you too busy

    Just give me your reply
    Or it would be easier ...
  2. Lonely

    I feel lonely, with nothing but desperation. I can't read, watch or play. I just wanna be in the only place that I can't be in, my paradise. It's devastating. I can't take my car and just drive; afraid of hurting myself or others. My brain is just shut down. I'm typing to take out some of what I feel. It's a huge burden that I can't put on with. I'm trying to busy myself but alas,no way.
  3. Strange System

    It's hard to see the system of a big university stands in your way. I can't believe or imagine how could those professors respect themselves. When more than 35 students who are having B+ and higher averages, no one of them passes the MA acceptance exam. How could they post such an announcement "No Applicant is Elligible for the MA Program." It's so strange. How did all those graduate graduade with such averages?
  4. Insights

    Hi my Blog

    Today, I was really blessed by the words of the best student in school. He came to me saying "this is my last day of high school, I finally graduated. I dropped by, just to say YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN EVER I MET IN OR OUT OF SCHOOL." Those words not only were sweet to my ears but almost brought tears to my eyes. With all the prbolems I face professionally, socially, emotionally and financially, I feel great because of the gratitude of my students. Twenty students ...
  5. Dying


    The pain you put me through is unbearable
    It torments every tiny part of me
    I feel immobilized, I feel incapable
    The pain imprisoned me when I felt free

    I'm walking through those defaced people
    To the void, tormenting deadly life
    For the first time I feel unable
    To go on, unable to strive

    The profound ugliness of my future
    That if I really had one
    Is full of pain, misery and torture
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