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  1. One Year Ago Today

    One year ago today my husband and I fell in love with a very special little boy. It is still so fresh in my mind. I remember being nervous and excited all at the same time. The nurse bringing him into the room and placing him in my arms, our hearts just melted and we knew right away this was our son. It took us 3 long years but he was well worth the wait!!!.

    They proceeded to tell us his medical history and his background of how he came to be at the Baby House. I cannot thank ...
  2. Early Intervention

    We have decided to go ahead and see if Matthew really needs Early Intervention. Does this mean that we feel Matthew needs it? No, not necessarily but we owe it to him to find out. Our pediatrician filed the paperwork for us and last week I met with someone.

    The woman came to the house and walked me thru the process. The next step in the process is having Matthew evaluated. This will take place this Thursday in our home. I’m actually glad that they come to me so they can see ...
  3. Matthew’s Eye Surgery

    As many of you know, Matthew has strabismus (crossed eyes) and his surgery to correct this is tomorrow. It will be done in the morning and should be home later that day. We have to be at the hospital at 8:00 AM and the poor little guy can’t have anything to eat after midnight tonight and can’t have anything to drink after 6:00 AM the morning of the surgery. If I do give him something to drink it can only be water, pedialyte or apple juice.

    The surgery itself usually takes 20 ...
  4. Follow Up to Virgil’s Last Blog on Matthew

    Initially I was going to do a follow-up blog from Virgil’s blog about Matthew and the pediatrician, then I changed my mind. Fifth and Jersea convinced me to respond from my perspective. I do not mean to offend anyone with my comments (just want that to be clear) after all I am the one that spends most of the time with Matthew everyday (no offense Virgil) and I think I know him best.

    Most of what Virgil stated is fairly accurate. At this point in time I am not too disturbed with ...

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  5. The Great Whiz

    Before we put Matthew to bed every night, Daddy plays with him to tire him out some more. Well tonight something funny happened and am glad to announce that it didn't happen to me (at least not yet). Here's the background:

    Daddy: I think he peed
    Me: OK, just let me get his jammies and I'll change him

    I put Matthew down and start taking off his diaper.

    Me: OMG!! Matthew what did you do ?
    Daddy: Did he pee ?
    Me: He crapped and it's ...
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