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  1. Coming soon...

    So, I've had a long time to think about it...
    and it's been decided that my story, Amor a Primera Vista, is to be completely reworked.

    ...with the ending FINALLY added.

    Shan't be too long.

  2. "Amor a Primera Vista" (6/7)

    Change of plan folks. There will now be 7 parts to the story. This was so difficult to write; I hope it doesn't disappoint you.

    The light streamed through the gap of the curtains, and greeted me as I awakened. I proceeded into the bathroom, where I inspected the newly formed freckles on my tanned nose, before cleaning my teeth and washing. I selected my clothing, and coated my skin in lotion that smelled just like coconut. Carefully placing the blue flower slide into my hair (which ...
  3. "Amor a Primera Vista" (5)

    It's the penultimate instalment everyone.

    The night had ended for most people; only a small group of Spanish men in their sixties lingered behind, drinking liquors and smoking cigars. There were a small number of waiters and waitresses dotted about the terrace collecting glasses and wiping down the tables.

    I walked through the clear glass doors and saw him sat on the stage by the balcony, looking out onto the bay with his phone in hand. I walked slowly across ...
  4. "Amor a Primera Vista" (4)

    So, this is part 4 out of a possible 6 parts. Apologies, as it's most likely riddled with mistakes - but it is(was) 2.35am.

    He would leave the next day. I can't say I was fazed much by this prospect; if anything, it was quite a relief... like a heavy weight lifted from my conscience. Despite remaining so decided that the next 24 hours would pass with no emotional complications, the eve prior to his departure was still strange to me - I just couldn't identify this change in atmosphere. ...

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  5. "Amor a Primera Vista" (3)

    So I mentioned I had approximately 2/3 of it written down on paper. I have now finished transferring it onto the computer. I will be working on the last part this weekend, but I imagine it will be quite difficult. Enjoy.

    “One kiss...please?” he uttered with that low, husky voice and hypnotic stare. I observed his mouth as he spoke; it was so small, but so gentle.
    “I can’t...” I whispered, my breath was heavy - as was my heart.
    “Just 2 seconds. Close your eyes.” ...
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