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Halls of the Dark Muse

  1. The Darkness Will Recede

    As some of you may already know, particularly those who have participated in the two contests I am currently responsible for the Picture Poetry contest, and the Form poetry contest, I am going to be heading off on vacation.

    I will be leaving as of tomorrow and will be gone through the first week of August, and so for those of you who have not yet posted in entry in either of those contests, they will remain open while I am gone, so you still have a week to come up with something.
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  2. Frozen

    Just a little something I did for a Horror group I belong to on DA (deviantart) but all in all I rather like how it came out.

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  3. Tell No One

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  4. House of Memories

    House of Memories

    A broken doll discarded on the floor,
    house full of memories gathering dust,
    scattered letters blow down the hall,
    the remains of lives like a scar,
    now emptiness felt around every turn,
    the sound of voices may still linger.

    Like the whiff of a familiar perfume lingers,
    old footprints imprinted into the floor,
    shadows of memories found around every turn
    where in forgotten corners gathers

    Updated 07-28-2010 at 02:10 PM by Dark Muse

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  5. Posion: A Story of Fatal Attraction

    A collection of photos I took, they relate to my poem Tainted Love, which is posted here in my blog.

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