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Halls of the Dark Muse

  1. Be Strong! Be Woman!

    I was looking up music videos on YouTube when this ad played before one of the songs, and normally I just skip the ads, but as I was waiting for the skip ad countdown, I actually got intrigued by the ad and continued to watching it. It was quite interesting and sends a powerful message I think.

    It started out by asking young women (in their 20s) a guy, and a boy about maybe 12 or so to do things like a girl. Throw like a girl, run like a girl, fight like a girl etc.. and they would
    Soulful Insights
  2. The Problem With Domesticated Sankes

    Both my corn snake and the king snake I used to have would go through periodic phases where they just wouldn't eat, there are a lot of natural things which can sometimes cause a snake not to eat. If a snake is nearing its shed time they won't eat, sometimes during their mating season they won't eat, and in the winter it is natural for snakes to hibernate, so even if they are kept in a temperature regulated environment sometimes in the winter they will not eat as much. But my corn snake seems a ...
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  3. My Adventures and Misadventures in the Kitchen

    First of all to give a little bit of background, it is only fairly recently that I quite by accident and by some surprise discovered an enjoyment of cooking, the reason I say that is because generally speaking I am the least domestic person in the world but various different factors led me into actually starting to get into and enjoy cooking. For one thing I do love food and well it is also a useful skill to be able to provide food for yourself.

    This evening for dinner I decided I ...
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  4. How I Became a Drinking Fountain

    After getting out of the pool I sat down in the shade to do some reading when attracted to the wetness of my swimming suit a bumble bee flew up and landed on me and was presumably than sucking the water off my swimming suit to drink.

    Now I do not suffer from any real fear of bees in general, most bees are not given to being aggressive and won't attack you, or sting you for no reason, but only as a defensive mechanism when they feel threatened or are aggravated. Bumble bees in particular ...
    Random Musings
  5. Dear Society,

    Just a bit of fun

    Dear Society,

    you really must stop knocking upon the door,
    you know I will not answer any more,
    and if you attempt to ring the bell one more time,
    I will disconnect it all.
    I don't want your pamphlets,
    or even your insinuating advice
    on how to live a better life
    according to the status quo
    which you have set.

    Now I insist
    you must stop tying to
    My Poetry