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Halls of the Dark Muse

  1. My Horror Reading Fest

    September is almost over, and I eagerly await October, because I am already in Halloween mode.

    So here is my annual list of October/Halloween reading:

    Glimmering by Elizabeth Hand

    The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro - I loved his movie Pan's Labyrinth and when I first heard him talking about this book on the Daily Show I was super excited about it, and now of course I am into the TV series.

    The Maze Runner by James Dashner - Not scary ...
  2. It is Raining Cats

    All morning my cat has been bouncing around all over the place. I don't know if he was chasing after birds, or playing with other cats, or just hyper, but I would hear him thunking back and forth from the roof, to the tree, to the fence.

    I was going about my business just getting a few things done that I needed to do, when I happened to walk into the kitchen to grab something to eat and than wandered into the living room while I was eating. Suddenly I hear this noise, like something ...
    Random Musings
  3. The Moviegoer

    Once upon a time ago, I was asked to share my thoughts on The Moviegoer when I got around to reading it. So I figured I would honor that request still though it has been some time ago.

    I was left with some very mixed feelings about this book. It did have a sort of Southern Gothic vibe to it (in my admittedly limited experience with that genre) and I tend to find that Southern Gothic is a genre that usually just doesn't really connect very well with me.

    But with that ...
  4. Free Books

    One of the local libraries around here is having its annual book give away. They started the day I was leaving for vacation, I just got back on Saturday, so today I got to go check it out.

    Here is my booky booty

    Promise Not To Tell by Jenifer McMachon
    Jumper by Steven Gould
    Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt
    Seeing by Jose Saramago
    Worlds Enough & Time by Dan Simmons
    A Fisherman of the Inland Sea by Ursula K. Guin
    The Art Thief ...
  5. Just A Boy

    Just A Boy

    I caught a glimpse of the past
    within a figment of the future,
    a future which was not my own,
    I watch as the distant youths
    remain oblivious to the way I have
    imposed my indiscretions upon them,
    I know nothing of the perfections
    and imperfections of their lives,
    but even so I know the boy
    with rock-star hair,
    smoking cigarettes
    with Mephistophelean smiles,
    he isn't handsome by ...
    My Poetry