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The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier

  1. Wonders Never Cease part II

    Just a quick recap for those who have not read the original blog entry, I have this other blog in which I posted an essay about the myth of Medusa, giving my own personal interpretation of the myth, and this guy posted a comment basically explaining to me why A. my personal perception of the myth is incorrect and B. Arguing against my right to even have my own personal interpretation of a work of mythology. And he followed his arguments with a completely unprovoked and uncalled for personal attack ...
  2. Wonders Never Cease

    People rarely fail to amaze me, but often in less than flattering ways. I have alluded to on this forum a couple different times, one of my other blogs in which I write about topics relating to vampires, mythology, things of lore and of gothic nature and so forth, so I had an essay I wrote on my blog in which I give my own personal interpretation of the Medusa myth, and I state that it is My Personal interpretation. I was not trying to rewrite history, nor was I claiming my views were one in the ...
  3. Cyber Mouse Traps

    I hate forums that refuse to allow you to delete your account, and will not remove your account for you at your request.

    While I have no intentions of leaving litnet in the near or distant future...

    There is is this other forum, that use to be a poetry forum board when I first signed on with it way back when I was still in high school but at some point in time the owner of the forum decided to completely rehaul and basically lost his personal interest in the poetry
  4. If honesty makes me a Scrooge than so be it!

    This time of year I always end up getting in an argument, or I should say more if a disagreement it isn't really a serious argument, with my mom over the fact that every year she always feels the need to send some kind of gift to my sisters mother-in-law.

    It is never any sort of big deal, usually it is just like a plate of cookies or some sort of little nick nack sort of thing, or a gift she got from someone else that she didn't want. It is just a token gift because she feels like

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    The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier
  5. Lost in Translation

    My ipod is currently is all in Chinese now. For all the good that does me.

    What happened is that when I turn my ipod on after I have charged it, I get the language menu screen and English is the first option at the top, so when I went to click on it, I guess my finger brushed on the scroll thing at the same time and wahhhla. I selected Chinese for my ipod.

    And after you have sleeted the language there is no way to go back to that screen. Somewhere on my ipod there
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