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The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier

  1. So it looks like the battery on my computer went out

    I went to unplug my computer earlier today to move over to the couch, when as soon as it was unplugged the computer went completely off. I have never had anything like that happen before, and it had been plugged in all day up until that point so I knew the battery could not be dead. Nor had it exhibited any other problems, I had in fact just used it on battery the other night.

    At first I had thought maybe I accidentally hit the power button because after I unplugged it I leaned over
  2. Seriously?

    I have a couple of blogs with wordpress and though I do not update them on a regular basis, every now and than I will still have the sudden impulse and inspiration to post something in my blogs and one of them in spite of its not being regularly updated is still quite active and has a large viewership, being that it deals with topics which are popular these days. Primarily that of Vampires, Werewolves, Mythology, and themes relating to the Occult and the Gothic.

    And the other blog
  3. When Something So Cool Has to Go Wrong

    I get really annoyed when something I really like ends up doing something that pisses me off! Because than I have to have the debate with myself if I need to give it up no matter how cool it is, or continue to pursue it even if doing to than becomes at odds with my convictions and beliefs.

    Earlier I posted about how I found this really cool thing called the LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers) which is this really unique series done in comic book style and in which super
  4. Your Freedom of Expression better agree with My Views

    I know that a lot of people are really down on Ayn Rand and have strong feelings of aversion both to her philosophy and her books in which of course her philosophy is heavily intertwined, but as many of you may know from my remarks in the various Rand threads that have popped up here and there I am something of a fan, and The Fountainhead is one of my favorite books.

    So I was quite excited about the Atlas Shrugged movie which has come out (though I haven't got to reading that one
  5. Anyone Know Anything About Computers?

    I have been having this weird problem recently with my lap top, and at first I thought that the AC adaptor was just going bad, but I did not want to buy a new one, and still have the same problems, so I called my sister to confer with my brother-in-law about the problem.

    Basically what has been happening is that when the computer is plugged in, it runs really slowly, but as soon as I unplugged and go just off the battery power, it workes completely normally again.


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    The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier
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