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The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier

  1. At A Loss


    The forum where I like to post my poetry has been down for a few days now, because it exceeded its brandwhich limit, and the owner of the forum has not yet solved the problem.

    This happend one other time before but I do not think the site was down for as long last time as it has been this time. And the site owner can sometimes take a long time before she gets around to doing things with the forum.

    So I do not know what I am going to do for now.
  2. And the body drops

    Hahaha, ok that was just too hysterical. So my "little frined" in response to my counter-argument against his accusations that I am rasist, continues to try and put words in my mouth I did not say, and continues to go out of his way to misunderstand me.

    But the best part is, he says he calls upon me to retract my statements?

    HA! Or what?

    He has zero power and authority over me. What is he going to do if I do not retract my statements?
  3. And the rope tightens

    Ok it is official.

    I had the first person tell me that my views were racist, and bias, and accused me of saying that Anglo culture was superior to Mexican culture.

    Then he accused me of saying that illegal immigrants were lazy, which I did not say anything remotely close to that.

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    The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier
  4. What happens to all the shows I like

    I am like a curse to TV, it is pretty much a gaurentee any show I really like is doomed to be canceled. This has been happening for just about as long as I can remember, I find a show I really like to watch, and it gets taken off the air.

    I have just found out that my two favorite shows of recent have been canceled. Moonlight and Las Vagas

    Moonlight, a kind of already suspected becaue I have heard talk and rumurs, but hoped maybe it was not true, but when I looked
  5. Ok I want to shoot my teacher

    Guess what?

    I just had an e-mail from my teacher today that I got when I got home from my other class telling me that the reading is back to being due this Saturday.

    And what really makes me mad, is that I did not do as much reading today as I could have, becasue I was lead to beleive I had a week to get it done.

    Now I am either going to have to read all day tomorrow or pull an all nighter tonight in order to get back caught up.

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    The Bad, The Ugly, The Uglier
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