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Musings of an Artist

  1. Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Agian

    Though I have not been entirely absent from Litnet I have not been here and about as much as usual, and it certainly has been a good long while since my last blog post. I have been a bit busy with this and that, so here are some of the highlights of my life, of what I have been most recently up to.

    Since my gallery experience, of which I have told you about it had helped to refocus my attention back on my artwork again. So I have been creating visually a lot more lately which had
  2. Well you cannot please everyone

    I belong to Deviant Art, which is an online art gallery that is free to join, and allows members to post their work in any form of art you can imagine, both visual and written.

    I was invited to join this group on DA called The Haiku Club, though they deal with all forms of eastern poetry, and I have always enjoyed the eastern poetry forms, and the reason they asked me to join was because they happened across from of my Sijo that I posted.

    So within the group they
  3. I think I found a rare spicmen of mushroom...

    Yes, I know the odds that in my walking around the neighborhood I would so happen to stumble upon some notoriously difficult to find mushroom species, which experts who spend their time traipsing through the forest and know what they are looking for and where to look cannot find, but hey it is possible right?

    I was out taking my walk today and I had my camera with me, for one because it had recently rained, so I thought that might help produce some interesting shots, and there is
  4. Fun with Fungi

    Though I cannot stand to eat mushrooms, ever since I was a kid I have had a certain fascination with wild mushrooms. There was always something about them which would draw me in, and that I took delight in. I loved traipsing around my grandma's backyard looking for mushrooms just to study and observe, and to say the least I never quite grew out of my "mushroom phase."

    I still have a sort of whimsical attachment to the mushroom, part of this reason is because of my ever
  5. Painting Again

    Finally I have started to paint again, previously for sometime now I have been unable to do so. First because during the time I was in school I did not have any time to paint, and then once I was out of school for the summer (I never take summer classes) I had lost the room that more or less served as my studio as it were, so I had no space in which to paint. The family room dubbed "My Office" because I am really the only one who uses this room and spend most my time here, formally had ...