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  1. I Am Probably a Sexist

    There is a fairly common trend I have begun to notice. Oftentimes I will read a book of which I will really enjoy, and out of curiosity I will read other reviews, comments, critiques of said book to discover that the book is criticized for being sexist and my natural reflex reaction to such claims is to roll my eyes and think the people are being ridiculously oversensitive. It is true that when I am really enraged in a story and think the book is well crafted, and has a great plot, I am oblivious ...
  2. Summer Reading Review

    Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat

    This is a novelization of Mowat's real life accounts of his time he spent in the Arctic studying a group of wolves. During the period when a lot of anti-wolf hate really started up wolves were being blamed for causing a sudden drop in the caribou population. There where claims that wolves would slaughter entire heards for the pure joy of killing. Mowat was sent to access just how much of a nuisance the wolves were. But when Mowat arrived he soon discovered ...
  3. Just What I Need: More Books

    I went to a book giveaway today and got a bunch of new books for free. One the great things about free books is that it does inspire me more to get books of which sound interesting to me, but are still a bit outside of what I normally read, so I might not commit to buying, but if they are free I figure, what the heck no harm in picking it up.

    The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy
    Be My Knife by David Grossman
    Sustenance by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    A Visit From ...
  4. My Vacation Reading

    I will be heading off on vacation soon leaving the first week in August to go to Lake Tahoe. I belong to several different book groups on Goodreads, and so usually I am always reading this or that book for one of my groups, which I enjoy because it provides a good opportunity both to get motivated to read some books I have had sitting around on my shelf but always put off reading for another time, or daunting books that I want to read but because of their length I always postpone, as well as a way ...
  5. My 2014 Reading

    Short Stories
    Two Drovers by Sir Walter Scott
    The Lifted Veil by George Eliot
    The Necklace by Guy de Mupassant
    Paste by Henry James
    The Legend of Tchi-Niu by Lafcadio Hearn
    Cathedral by Raymond Carver
    The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
    Judas Iscariot and Others by Leonid Andreyev
    The Waif Woman by Robert Louis Stevenson
    Hide and Seek by Fiodor Sologub
    God Sees the Truth but Waits by Leo Tolstoy

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