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My Poetry

  1. Just A Boy

    Just A Boy

    I caught a glimpse of the past
    within a figment of the future,
    a future which was not my own,
    I watch as the distant youths
    remain oblivious to the way I have
    imposed my indiscretions upon them,
    I know nothing of the perfections
    and imperfections of their lives,
    but even so I know the boy
    with rock-star hair,
    smoking cigarettes
    with Mephistophelean smiles,
    he isn't handsome by ...
    My Poetry
  2. Dear Society,

    Just a bit of fun

    Dear Society,

    you really must stop knocking upon the door,
    you know I will not answer any more,
    and if you attempt to ring the bell one more time,
    I will disconnect it all.
    I don't want your pamphlets,
    or even your insinuating advice
    on how to live a better life
    according to the status quo
    which you have set.

    Now I insist
    you must stop tying to
    My Poetry
  3. Definitions of Love

    A bit of an experimental piece

    Definitions of Love

    ....and I am certain I would drown without you
    because when there is negative space between us,
    and only silence and grayness,
    my throat tightens and I cannot draw breath
    my heart refuses to beat
    or does triple time
    to music that is not here

    (and I cannot get the words of the monk out of my mind. He told me of the prayer he whispered constantly, without
    My Poetry
  4. Why Must I?

    Why Must I?

    Why must I do this to myself,
    conjure up suspicion which I know
    exists only within my own mind,
    torment myself with visions
    which were never really there,
    see that which is not,
    why must I be so conflicted with doubt
    that the most ordinary things
    appear before me in such
    ugly light, that I imagine
    some conspiracy,
    whispers in the dark
    which is only the wind,
    why must I
    My Poetry
  5. You

    that is all that can be said
    all that there is

    my breath
    my heartbeat

    the rising sun in the morning
    the moon watching me sleep

    every cool breeze on my skin
    every raindrop on my face

    my every thought
    my every feeling

    My Poetry
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