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  1. For my dads birthday, please help me improve this : )

    Happy Birthday Dad.

    I will always be your little girl,
    from the times we went fishing,
    up to the moments we argue.

    The bond between a father and daughter,
    and the memories we have shared,
    will never be broken.

    Although I am getting older,
    and the times we see each other may be few,
    I will always seee myself as daddy's little girl.

    Happy Birthday,
    Love always your daughter.


    Updated 11-04-2008 at 03:19 AM by manny2

  2. Selfish at heart

    "Selfish at Heart"

    Crude actions come from this girl,
    with dark in her eyes,
    and no warmth in her heart.

    On the path to destroy others,
    prancing around as a princess
    when really a witch within.

    Begging for attention
    around every corner she can get.
    Selfish actions, pushing down others.

    Fake in her words,
    only pretending to care for others.
    When really in her heart,
  3. Wouldn't it be nice...

    so.. this is what i write when i get very annoyed that i cannot fall asleep. not for the life of me. i would be happy with 5min of sleep and no thoughts...


    ***Wouldn't it be nice***

    The mind goes restless,
    and body finally lazy.

    no important thoughts to come.
    only an ambiguous cycle of nothing,
    staring at the wall.

    one recurrent thought;
    wouldn't it be nice,
    to fall asleep,
  4. Pain

    A body lays;
    cold and unmoving.
    A needle injected;
    Pierced through the skin.
    The veins flowing with harsh fluid;
    Waiting for one last buzz,
    That will never come again.
  5. Its Over.

    My thoughts inside are torn apart
    Half of my heart wants you --no matter what
    The other half is telling me to let you go

    I cant do that
    You’re my world
    My best friend
    Who I have become
    Is because of you

    Am I the one for you?
    Or am I a pawn in this circle of people
    Are you playing games on me;
    Which were once played on you?

    Is this revenge to the one who hurt you?
    Who are you to play ...
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