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"It is the story of all that is holy and is good to tell..."

  1. it's raining now..

    It's raining here, yay! Does anyone else like rain? I mean real rain, like a storm that lasts for hours or most of a day and comes down very hard, and it's windy, too. If you've never experienced that you must, soon. Because it doesn't compare if it just rains lightly and for a short while.

    And if you haven't ever experienced a storm, you should read this poem and see what you're missing. Unless you can't stand Whitman, which a lot of people can't. ...
  2. buddhist ontology

    I know some of you may hate philosophy, and I can understand that, but bear with me. I'd like to share this article about Buddhist ontology, it's pretty amazing I thought. It explains Buddhist ontology and reality, a different way of understanding the world from what we have understood before. Instead of a division between self and other, we are part of the world, and our actions directly affect it, and have meaning.

    The Range of Buddhist Ontology, by Kenneth K. Inada.