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"It is the story of all that is holy and is good to tell..."

  1. A most interesting dream!!

    I had a most interesting dream in which I met The Mother. Except she was not simply Mira Alfassa, but she was a mix between The Mother and a somewhat similar woman, Amma. I have read a book with writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and I told the mother in my dream this. Yet she was not simply Mira, she was also Amma, who I don't know as much about. Very strange, no?

    Here's a website about Amma's work.
  2. is buddhism atheistic?

    I would like to say that Buddhism is not atheistic, for several reasons. First is the way the Buddha lived, and what he taught. The Buddha didn't talk about God. His main point wasn't whether there was a God or not. He taught compassion and wisdom, which is valid for anyone who is a believer or an atheist or anything else. Buddhist taught no-soul, but it wasn't his main purpose to make people not believe in God. In my opinion, you can't really come to enlightenment if you don't understand the soul. ...

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  3. dieting tip

    hey all a great snack which is good for you is regular yogurt, and cottage cheese. I'm using a cheap brand yogurt which isn't too healthy by itself, since it has so much sugar, and mixing it with cottage cheese which isn't loaded with sugar, and has good protein! It really tastes wonderful, you should try it.

    and also, I don't know if any of you did also, but I switched my layout to "test" and it looks cool- light blue and white background.

    And also, there's ...

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  4. Dream of love

    "Well, I heard a dreamer laugh,
    all night long, and
    I thought I heard a siren sing
    a song of love..."

    "Love is old, love is new,
    Love is all, love is you..."

    She is an angel in my life.
    I had a dream I wish I could share
    with the whole world
    for I felt the love of an angel,
    and it is strong enough to heal any wound.

    I don't know words or poetry to express divine
    nature, ...

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  5. reasons to be a vegetarian