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"It is the story of all that is holy and is good to tell..."

  1. a song

    The good smell is back again,
    that deep, penetrating rose-fragrance
    the beauty is back
    which rolls across the swelling plain
    which fills my heart with spaciousness,
    peace, joy, fulfillment,
    and the victory of victories.
    This, yes, truth, come, again. Take hold.
    Peace, yes, bliss, breath, peace, truth, love, m y s o u l, return.
    Inifnite renewal force,
    again fill my heart and breath and lungs,

    my life, my life ...
  2. Heartleap (new Vashti Bunyan album)

  3. a beautiful, pretty, wonderful cartoon

    Alan Watts by South Park creators (All in one in HD)

    I was originally going to post this,

    Alan Watts: A Critique of Carl Jung - Seeing Through the Game (28:34), no video

    but then I came across this (first link).. I've seen it before but loved it so much more this time, more memorably impressed by it. Hope you enjoy

    So, I usually ...

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  4. For Rumi

    For Rumi

    Spiritual bliss, love, and good feeling
    are always good when the soul needs healing.
    At times like these I return to you,
    Dearest painter, poet, and heart so true;

    Follow the breathe to the place of bliss,
    Life, breath, and moment all are this:
    Breath and life a river of sun -
    Life and heart and the river, one.

    One of these days I am a painter,
    One day I feel life a bit fainter -
  5. Some poetry

    An empty irritation, 'ere life is through
    is felt and released, and washed anew.

    To write poetry,
    one must forget that one can't write poetry.
    And to forget that one can't write poetry
    is an undaunted task-
    one that requires
    unlimited attention,
    fills one's soul, and then
    only then will one write true beauty;
    and yet, to say that one is a failure,
    is the biggest inducement of failure, ever.