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  1. on Music and Peace

    Ah, yes Jansch was very prolific. I realized this when I stumbled across his 15th album - one of my favorites. He had 15 or a couple more single albums, and he also produced a few with Pentangle, and several with Renbourn. . I am not familiar with all of his work, I have listened to maybe around half of it. (Not if you count all the performances, naturally). He came onto the music scene with a big hit, self-titled album. . a lot of short, catchy songs that are flawlessly executed, with an amazing ...

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  2. My teachers

    A few weeks ago - longer? - I was reflecting on my life and my teachers, and I realized how many of the German geniuses and poets have been important to me. . . It roughly went Hesse - Goethe, Japsers, Fichte, Meister Eckhart, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer - these last two are wonderful to read, but also to set down, as they, especially the former, emphasized thinking for oneself above all else - and so many times it has come back to Goethe, and others - then, when I started studying from Novalis, was ...
  3. A little Novalis

    Just a few paragraphs and poem from the end of the 3rd chapter of Henry of Ofterdingen, by Novalis. I learned about him from Hesse, in Steppenwolf; he was the main character's favorite poet. I find it's wonderful reading, after Goethe in Werther and Wilhelm Meister.

    The silence was suddenly interrupted by the low sound of an unknown but beautiful voice, which seemed to proceed from an aged oak. All looks were directed ...

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  4. Another warm day

    So, we've had our 9th or 10th very warm day in a row, when it was in the 70's, or a couple times 60's, most of the day. . And very sunny, except for a few clouds today and two days ago. Today it actually got pretty hot. Yesterday we broke the record high for the day by 6 degrees, since 1914. I guess, for a few days it's been record high. Depending on where you are; I suppose in Oklahoma City they may have broken a 122 year record today. One reason I don't care for cities, they are way hotter ...

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  5. Beautiful poem - Peace

    Desse Barama (Peace) by Hamza El Din
    The world shines about me,
    luminous as the moon, smiling like a rose,
    and a sweet benediction
    flows through everything existing.
    How beautiful life is.
    I marvel at people who are not in love with life.
    You, my girl, are beautiful,
    and your beauty,
    like the beautiful thought of peace,
    belongs to the eternity.
    Detest war and destruction.
    When you go to the riverbank,