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  1. Every Month is Black History Month (from now on)

    As Emperor of the World,
    (as I just declared myself to be)
    I am making it Black History Month,
    not just February
    but every month now.
  2. Peace is highest (dear william)

    In a dream I saw
    that peace is higher
    than any desire -
    this secret law
    does not requite
    with 'might makes right,'
    or the barbed wire fences;
    it is more like the senses
    when they are clear.

    what fragrance blessed the earth,
    when you arrived,
    dear william?

    what golden arrangement of fate?
    what thrived?

    don't answer, don't answer,
    let the grace of the dancer
    speak ...

    Updated 04-19-2022 at 03:52 PM by NikolaiI

  3. Well, I may be shy, but. . .

    Thanks for being here, Lit-net. I'm glad we've had this journey throughout the years.

    I love this song. There used to be a great video that goes with it, but no longer.
  4. infinite love

    infinite love

    Zozo . . zu zu - from the corner of place and time,

    coming from heaven sublime -

    entity identity VANISHED IN LOVE

    memories accessories


    letting all shine

    letting all fly -

    heaven cry

    call oh fine.

    zu Zu - - - Zu Zu!

    letting all shine -

    letting all fly - ...
  5. 1.1.2016

    Pristine and beautiful,
    the song sings sweetly on.
    A million loves wrapped in one,
    Here she sings for all days.
    'All are welcome,'
    The branches quietly wave.
    Effortless and free,
    Whole heart,
    Every part,

    and. . . Peace.
    Can we have Peace,
    Until we have Peace?
    Yes. First we have Peace,
    and then we have Peace.

    99.9 %
    Use words
    as blunt force ...
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