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  1. chess

    [Chess game, I'm white. I wanted to do with diagrams added but I haven't figured that part yet.]

    (11) QuicksandEscape (1921) - GreenArtifex (1863)
    G15 + 7, 14.07.2014

    1 d4 e6 2 c4 c5 3 d5 ed5 4 cd5 b5 5 e4 a6 6 Nf3 d6

    Black has broken the basic opening rule: move one or two pawns, and then develop your minor pieces and castle. Therefore he has all his pieces on the back rank, and this funny looking Queenside structure. As it is often very strong ...
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  2. The Infinite Value of You

    Strength, truth, hope, love, bliss,
    String them together; what is their source?
    Breath, peace, living, beautiful reflections
    of limitless energy, this
    is where the home and heart of every being is.
    One day I will waken, and know my dreams are spent,
    And wander into sunlight of the day. . .
    Peace is there, in boundless measure,
    Beneath my mind and body-soul it shines.
    If one believes she is strong, then she is,
    If you believe ...

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  3. To share a secret

    About health, I'd like to share something I was writing in an email to a friend; its sort of a 3-step method. Throughout my life it's been one of the most important things of mine to learn, and, so, in the spirit of reciprocation..

    1) Relaxation. Deep relaxation is so good, for your body and mind.. and it takes practice! But in time you can become masterful at it.

    2) Don't take anything into your body that isn't good for you... only purely healthy things. This one ...

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  4. It begins with you

    Light, love, life,
    Still alive.
    Strength, truth, peace,
    Restored and forever,
    Home and life,
    Eternity. Life awaits
    Grace fell on grace:
    Eternal and new,
    Sight. . .
    Slight is my friend,
    and soft:
    He sings a thousand times,
    Beautifying all that hear. . .
    My truth and his: flight,
    Creation; youth; infinite.
    An infinite, pure life
    is being led all ...
  5. 9/26

    The only kind of morality that is really meaningful is the kind which doesn't care but it chooses out of more or less logic. . . In other words, one that awakens and says, I can see that none of this matters, that all of this play of self and other is really a masquerade, the one Being in all of them putting on an ignorance and pretending to live, die, joying, suffering; but none of it is really dying, joying, suffering or beginning because the Being which is all of them is not dying, ...