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"It is the story of all that is holy and is good to tell..."

  1. infinite love

    infinite love

    Zozo . . zu zu - from the corner of place and time,

    coming from heaven sublime -

    entity identity VANISHED IN LOVE

    memories accessories


    letting all shine

    letting all fly -

    heaven cry

    call oh fine.

    zu Zu - - - Zu Zu!

    letting all shine -

    letting all fly - ...
  2. 1.1.2016

    Pristine and beautiful,
    the song sings sweetly on.
    A million loves wrapped in one,
    Here she sings for all days.
    'All are welcome,'
    The branches quietly wave.
    Effortless and free,
    Whole heart,
    Every part,

    and. . . Peace.
    Can we have Peace,
    Until we have Peace?
    Yes. First we have Peace,
    and then we have Peace.

    99.9 %
    Use words
    as blunt force ...
  3. Today is a holy day

    Today is a holy day
    (as yesterday was, as tomorrow is)
    for if any day is a holy day,
    all days are holy days,
    where any land is a pure land,
    all lands are pure lands.
    So sing songs of cheer
    Throughout the year -
    For joy is wonderful,
    And song is beautiful.
    This healing verse
    Will stay the hearse,
    On a holy, holy day.
    Breathing deep, sweet sighs of relief,
    The infinite soul, ever free of grief -
  4. poetry

    -- I wrote the first three this day, standing high on a fallen tree, listening intently to an ant (they don't speak!), I wrote the last two a few days ago.. I'm more pleased with these.. Peace and love.

    This ant is me.
    I am this tree.
    Alive as one,
    we are all free.
    Infinite as can be,
    I can dance;
    and verily,
    we are all free.

    In the shadow,
    or in the light,
    we are born to
    and from delight. ...
  5. On Protection of Life's Harmony

    eternal way of peace-
    hidden in plain sight
    infinite peace from
    love, and beauty's light.
    persuade, never -
    live in peace, forever.

    energy of mindfulness,
    and peace,
    to all the worlds.

    deeply rooted in tradition,
    i have discovered new-found vision,
    who i am and what i stand for is written
    in these lines, a bit of life, past history,
    and then all of peace i have found.
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