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    :lol: She sounds like such an amazing woman! What better way to get back at her cheating husband than to have another's child and name her after his current lover. I hope that the child didn't suffer for it, but in the same position I would have likely done the same:) They always say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and there is nothing that compares to one who will get her paybacks.
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    Thank you for sharing these stories:) It is good that she was so generous, and very kind of her family to not repay her efforts with cruelty. It sounds like, no matter how strange or gross the gift, Lilly's heart was in the right place in giving them. I'll be looking for more stories:D
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    ooohhhhh nooooo, poor Tammy.
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    Wow! What a woman. I actually know someone like that, but she doesn't go to the dump. Poverty will change how you see the world and your value of material items. Amazing how the people knew how to react to Miz Lilly, because she must have been infamous for these acts.
    Great story!!
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    Wow, this is beginning to sound like a William Faulkner novel. I'm glued to the story, waiting for more.
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    hahahahaha, brilliant!
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    Fascinating. I'm looking forward to hearing how Lilly's story turns out.
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    ...or a really good hunting dog
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    10 is so young, but to use an old excuse, if that's what you want to call it, "times were different". I know it doesn't make it right, but I suppose you do what you must when the other option is starvation...
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    12 and 13 was not uncommon in this area. It is shameful and shocking, but she managed herself. The next story is better.
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    thats just wrong. that poor woman. she was only ten! what a loving father she had. *insert profanities*
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    Ten years old?? Horror. And in the 20th century. All I can say is that a lot of deals are made over moonshine, deals that should never have happened. And what exactly does a 26 year old see in a ten year old?
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    Great story. At least they didn't take out shot guns. To be honest I'm not sure I even know what a ham bone is.

    As to ground hogs, I've heard (no I've never eaten any) that they are supposed to be very tastey. We have lots where I work (the place where I work is in the country, or what use to be the country; suburbs have encroached) and they look very plump and tender.

    Here's what they look like for those that don't know:
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    It's amazing the things that can start a feud, and as trivial as it seems now, I can certainly see how it was a HUGE deal then:)
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    I was thinking the same thing, the Hatfields and the McCoys!!!
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    Enough said.
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    Jeez. It amazes me what can cause rifts between people.
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    Minimalists? The objective in life is to attach memories to every little article that one comes across, store it in the basement or some room, and then one day relive all the memories that are attached to things.

    Good luck to your husband on his job. It's courageous to take a pay cut, but if one is unhappy at a job I can definitely understand.