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  1. There are only two ways to get enoughÖ

    Get more, or want less.

    For a number of reasons Iíve been giving a lot of thought to LESS lately. Thatís not really unusual for me, but itís been pretty well constant lately. Iím sure one reason is Iím now down to three hens and one rooster and I must wonder if I can do with less. Iíve decided that I need more chickens, but in all honesty I could do with less everything else.

    I think that Americans in general are too consumed with the idea of more. I think it is the ...
  2. chicken trouble

    So I have a little, but growing farm and it is a learning experience for me. Most country folk think Iím a city girl and city people think Iím a country girl. The truth is Iím neither, but Iím here on this farm trying to make the best of things and learn what I can. I often find that what I learn about the nature of the world is so simple and also so profound.

    Right now Iím having a bit of a chicken crisis. My husband finally finished my chicken house a couple of months ago and it ...
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