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    Quote Originally Posted by motherhubbard
    I start in August. I get paid in September. I think I'm more excited about getting paid.
    That's great. I wish you the best.
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    I start in August. I get paid in September. I think I'm more excited about getting paid.
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    Fabulous. It must be a thrill. Do you start in September?
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    Mom-H, you did good. It's not easy juggling a family and going to college. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations.

    And Granny has a tattoo? Are you sure she doesn't mind you telling us? You may have gotten yourselfg into some hot water.
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    Wow, just that fraction away from MCL. Ah, but it's well done and you should be very proud of yourself M-H. And it's my pleasure to have known you through here.
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    Rich- Thank you.

    Qim- Thanks, I may just go ahead and order my plaque and possible a tiara!
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    Congratulations, MotherHubbard! Graduating Cum Laude is no mean feat. It probably hasn't been all that easy juggling home and school, so that should have more than adequately prepared you for the world of work.

    My inner voice is telling me that one day soon you're going to be teacher of the year. I am never wrong.
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    You've been an encouragement just being out there. I'm sometimes guilty about caring just a bit more for people I shall probably nver meet in real life then real life I am acquainted with. Sigh. Very nice entry.
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    I think so. If I'm not wrong, it means you maintained a GPA higher than 3.5. Great job, and I'm sure it is a huge relief to be finished. Enjoy the summer with your kids and relax. It is well earned.

    Much Love,
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    I think it means with honors.
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    Ok firstly... what the hell is Cum Laude? never heard it before! But then i've never made it to Graduation!
    Secondly... I'm sure the whole lot of them were proud of you. even little Mason whose glad you have no more homework!
    And thirdly... we all love you too! (hug)
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    You have a lovely family MH and you should be every proud of them all!
    I cant believe G5 and Pops got a tat! go them! I'm not big on Tats myself and i can only imagine the reaction i'd give if it was my mam and dad!
    I hope G5 gets well soon!
    Congrats on the Graduation!
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    That's just cute :D I draw the line at names. Except for the kids names. I figure I'll have their names on my back when I do the back piece.
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    You see, they never wanted one. They were very anti Tattoo! I think it's kind of sweet. They got their names and anniversary in some roses. It's not exactly funny, but it makes me laugh a little and smile. I was just suprised!
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    Nope, that just makes me smile more :D My own dad has been talking about getting one for years... ever since I came home with one. I figure one of these days he just might do it.

    One thing I've noticed is more older people in general getting them. They wanted them when they were younger, but there was much more of stigma for having them 30-40 years ago. I know for me it is nice to be able to indulge, within reason, without other baggage along. Not that I figure that would have stopped me. They were not as popular when I got mine, and I still can't go and get full sleeves or anything.
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    Meg, mom didn't have any tattoos before. This is her first. I think that adds to the shock.
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    For some reason it does not shock me that Granny has a tattoo ;) A fresh one... I'm a bit more surprised by that. I'll never be ashamed to admit that I love tattoos. I've been plotting my back piece for ages now, and I can't wait until I'm finally able to get it.

    Life is a little backwards, and I don't think it has ever quit feeling that way. Things were so strange feeling after I finished school. I had a lot of the same worries, being concerned about if all the work had been worth it. It's settled, but there is a whole lot of craziness that came with it. Different craziness, but I still always feel like I'm behind on things or I don't have enough time.
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    Qim- you are wise and kind. I want to be more like you!

    Cunning- Life is never what I expect it to be. It's thrilling and exciting and very enjoyable, which I expect, but the details are always suprising.

    Bien- What's up with these "old" people? I'll remind mom how much she enjoys knitting, maybe that will calm the motorcycle momma in her. She's actually planning another tattoo.

    1- thank you. People are interesting!

    Rich- Thanks for such kindness.
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    This is a momentous occassion in your life and well worth the celebrating. Families sacrifice for the greater good of each other and their loved ones--there is no shame in that or cause for weeping. You are a very kind hearted lady and it shows. Your family will always be there for oyu. Congraulations and God's blessings to you.
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