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  1. backward graduation weekend part 1

    I started this Friday, but there was a storm and I lost it when the power went out. Now I think I'll do this in parts like my friend Rich

    I've been crying all week. I finished college and Graduation was Saturday. I keep thinking about the sacrifice that my family has made. It's not the big things, but all of the little things. I tried to stay on top of motherhood and school work, but I always felt like everything depended on my performance. I felt like I was juggling sharp ...
  2. placement

    I have been placed for my student teaching. I will be in a second grade class and the teacher is a friend of mine. I did not request her, but I was praying that I would be placed with her. She's very knowledgeable and I believe that I will learn a lot from her.

    I start three weeks from today.

    The week before I begin I plan to get some help making a making a resume. I have such limited work experience so I don't know what to do with it. I've had one job ...
  3. teacher blog - praxis results

    I've been putting off this blog, the next about becoming a teacher. I had to take a big test last month and I have to pass it before I can begin my student teaching. I mentioned that I have test anxiety so I've been really concerned.

    On test day I left the house three hours early to drive the half hour to the community college that is the testing center. I didn't want have to worry about having a flat or being late. I stopped at wal-mart and then I read a book in the parking lot ...

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  4. A blog about becoming a teacher

    A blog about becoming a teacher

    It's a little strange, almost surreal, right now. All I was ever going to be was a stay home mom. Getting an education and working toward a career is not something I imagined myself doing. I've decided to start a blog about becoming a teacher. I thought it might be interesting to tell about the things I see and experience during the next eighteen months or so. During this time I will be taking test, student teaching, becoming licensed, and going ...
  5. MH family and farm update

    I really have so much to tell about that I don't even know where to start. It's been a while since I blogged about my little farm and family. We've had a busy and productive summer.

    We have had very bad luck with our bunnies in the past. The babies die after just a few days. We did some research and found that our nesting boxes were too small. My husband built me some new boxes and now we have around ten babies that! They will be a week old tomorrow. I have to say that they ...
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