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  1. The Henry James Marathon on the 24th

    it's official i will do this crap starting on tuesday. i'm recovering from my illness and right now tropical storm Frank is creating havok here.

    [I]Daisy Miller[/I]

    To Read:
    [I]Washington Square
    The Portrait of a Lady
    The Spoils of Poynton
    What Maisie Knew
    The Turn of the Screw
    The Wings of the Dove
    The Beast in the Jungle
    The Ambassadors
    The Golden Bowl
    The Jolly Corner [/I]
  2. Latour & Vaillant

    ok these two priests' adventures and misadventures are making my day bright. i'm only half way on this second read and i'm sure this will be on my definitive list. (look at my top five novels to the left to the left) it's already up there and the list will grow and change as time goes by. why i like it... it's simple and direct, and i like the way the author describes her setting. as a catholic this one's also a plus :p
  3. Death Comes for the Archbishop

    i'm calling my control freakishness its quits. no more schedules! i am going to choose the book to read as to my fancy. i chose this book from willa cather because even though i liked it i believe that i didn't give it any justice - i read it in a single reading. now i am going to read it one chapter at a time. so good riddance you bore!
  4. Favourtie Albums: Pet Sounds

    if any album can draw out the strongest of emotions from me it would be Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. i never pay close attention to lyrics, except in this case. it's a concept album ala buldisngroman; from the sunny "Wouldn't It Be Nice" to the cynical "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times". the melodies are superb and the Beach Boys showed here that they can sing better than "Kokomo"; the composition is odd but i got used to it. my favorite song would be the last one ...
  5. Favourite Movies: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    i have a story behind this. i was a sickly child and about twice a week i had to be sent to the doctor to have my shots. my brother told me my behaviour in the clinic. he told me that i had this habit of cursing at the doctor's face a crunchy "PUTA!" expelled from the top of my lungs. what does this have to do with [I]The Good, the Bad & the Ugly[/I]? remember that scene where Blondie drops and leaves Tuco alone in the desert, Tuco shouts in front of the camera "PUTA!". Now, ...
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