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  1. PabloQ's Avatar
    ok, ok, ok...had to go back an entry to catch up. I'm always fussing at my wife for uplugging appliances by pulling on the cord. She does it all the time and what happened to you never happens...Spend the $ the wasn't its fault now was it?...was it??...ok...your car hates you when you wake up in the middle of the night and it's standing at the end of the bed with an go apologize...or just maybe...
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    You'ld really want me for a hubby again--I'll let anyone do car repairs.
  3. PeterL's Avatar
    So why don't you just save about 40 and have oyur father take care of the block heater. Your hubby might feel slightly put out, but you could give him half of the money you saved.
  4. sprinks's Avatar
    Ohh I look forward to seeing the recipe! My mum uses a breadmaker, and she tended to find that the bread was rather soft, 'til one day I asked her to put honey in it (I love honey oat bread!) and it went really nice on the outside and was more cooked in the middle . It's coming into winter soon (well autumn from next month) and so it'll be great to try it!
  5. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    P.s. both your bread and soup sound fantastic- come cook for me :P!
  6. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    I've been looking for my breadmaker for MONTHS, and my Mum just pointed out that it's on top of the freaking fridge. *face-palm*... d'oh.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, if it costs $37 plus tax, that's not too bad. I'm sure it's overpriced still, but it could be worse.

    Mailmen around here don't take too kindly to dogs chasing them. I should use my bread maker more often. I would love to see your recipe.
  8. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Kiz, we had almost 'chinook' like weather today that melted all of our snow, it rained, and was warm and breezy. Tonight, it's going down to -26, -30 something with windchill. Ridiculous weather.

    I laughed out loud about driving away with your block heater. That's something I would do.
  9. PeterL's Avatar
    p.s. Tonight, it is going down to minus 30-something, with a windchill of minus forty-six Celcius. I'll be staying home tomorrow, rest assured.
    Perhaps you should consider moving until global warming makes the climate less inclement.
  10. optimisticnad's Avatar
    At least you can drive and you have a car! My test is end of March...fingers crossed. I can afford a car but I can't afford the insurance! Silly isn't it!

    By the way I got every excited when I saw your hand clad in purple gloves! I can now picture you better - some 50s style hot dame (!) with purple kid-size gloves!
  11. papayahed's Avatar
    A friend of mine has lived in Louisiana for about two years now - his air conditioner doesn't work but his block heater is as good as gold I saw my first plug in row when I was in Wyoming last fall.
  12. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Thanks, fifth, yeah, me and my car once again...

    Peter, Long time, no hear -- I think that you are right about the garlic and red wine. As for a replacement cord; my hubby wants me to call the Chrysler people tomorrow to inquire about the cost of a whole new Block Heater Cord ... go figure... [but I will do at least this! ]

    Virgil, Block Heaters are an absolute must when you live where I do. Prior to minus twenty Celcius, one can get away with it. After that, if you don't have this cord, it is Russian Roulette, as the saying goes. By the way, glad you got a smile about the Garbage Day adventures -- there is always something, eh? And I seriously had to run and chase these cans down, lest they get hit and a driver try to nail me with a law suit....

    p.s. Tonight, it is going down to minus 30-something, with a windchill of minus forty-six Celcius. I'll be staying home tomorrow, rest assured.

    p.p.s. The upside is that by Monday, we will be at minus two Celcius -- a difference of what... forty-two degrees or so? Arghghghgh!!!
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    I've never heard of a block heater. But then again I don't get winters like you do. I laughed about running after the garbage cans. I was worried about that myself earlier this week. But I didn't have to run. Well, there are worst things in life than a car that won't start. Not worth the fret. If winter comes, can spring be far behind.
  14. Silas Thorne's Avatar
    Oh, I thought you were going to rant about how your car actually hates you. I'm sure you can sort out this one, though.
    If your car hates you it is a different matter...and requires a whole team of exorcists or buddhist monks to stand around the car humming and put their hand on it for hours like they are having a competition to see who will keep their hands on it the longest. Of course they will be good meat for the freezer after the cold gets to them.
  15. PeterL's Avatar
    C'est dommage. You could simply buy a replacement plug and put that on the wire. It is good that it broke right at the plug.

    BTW< garlic and red wine are excellent for a chest cold.
  16. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    Aw, poor kizzo, you've been having a bit of a rubbish time of it recently haven't you? Hope the car starts and, more importantly, that you are okay.

    [[[HUGS]]] from me.
  17. Niamh's Avatar
    Aww Kiz! i'm sorry to hear your guys argued! Hug, kiss and bubbles!
  18. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Oh Kizzo... it's always unfortunate when fights happen on a day of love. It makes the little things seem 200x worse.
  19. andave_ya's Avatar
    I'm sorry kiz!
  20. BlueSkyGB's Avatar
    Hang in there Kiz...
    You've lots of friends with lots of shoulders here if you just want to vent...

    and yes...Valentines...bummer