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  1. Niamh's Avatar
    best of luck!
  2. Madhuri's Avatar
    Have a nice time, Vin
  3. Madhuri's Avatar
    I understand what you mean, Vin. It must be pure Malayalam (as in the part I), and part II must be what you speak usually, isnt it?

    I think its the same as studying Hindi and Sanskrit, especially in the North Indian schools. Sanskrit is what people dont speak and so it doesnt come naturally to those studying it. I remember when I had entered 9th standard (I think it was then only), we were given choices as to whether we want to continue with Hindi or take up Sanskrit? As that choice will have to remain until 10th Board exams, and not even a single student took Sanskrit (including me ). But, outside my school all those who studied Sanskrit said it was a very scoring subject.

    Good Luck, Vin !!
  4. Madhuri's Avatar
    Good Luck, Vin . I took these exams too, I can understand how stressfull this month is, a lot of pressure from everywhere. You are in 10th standard, I suppose. Which stream do you plan to take up for 11th &12th?