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  1. Sound of Music

    I was then 15 years old, my school final was coming up. At that time an Indian classical singer was going to perform in our town. He was our favorite singer but i had never been to a live classical concert. At the show i had a strange experience. He was singing one after another... and every single note of his voice touched my heart...i was not within me. I was crying with a sad note, laughing with a pleasant tone...even the instruments had a divine influence over me. I felt as if my soul was going ...
  2. friends forever

    The first sunday of august is our friendship day. This year it was on 3rd.So i tried to contact all my friends to fix a plan.Nobody could surely promise if they can make it.And on sunday morning they said that they were not coming, except my best friend 's'.She is my only remaining bachelor friend.So we two met at our teacher-student centre.It was a rainy day so this year the concert was held in the audutorium.The place was more crowded with the tv cameras and radio rjs than the students.I saw several ...
  3. irony in canteen

    After finishing his lectures on measure for measure and othello our sir took a note on our names saying "i want to know how many of you are really present at my class and how many will sit for the exam ;and then he said "well we will have a little feast on next week".So yesterday we were attending his treat.We were so happy that we gave the slot to another teacher and we enjoyed a lot his free farewell treat.Then at the end when we were going back he said "well see you next week".We ...
  4. year 1415

    14th april is our new year eve, from 1414 to 1415.The starting day of the summer; the first of six seasons.The day has been celebrated throughout the the country with great enthusiasm.The colours of summer are red and white.Men and women in red-white dresses throng the city like a sea of peoples.It is the only non communal festival of our country.

    The programme starts at down with the sun rise.Music,dance,drama,recitation,rally,fair and the traditional cuisines are the main attractions.This ...
  5. dress rehearsal

    Today we had a dress rehearsal for our convocation which will be held tomorrow.
    it was a vibrant day. after many days all my friends,class mates( there is a division between linguistic and literature) came together wearing black gown.As a result we were all gone mad,became child.It was a day of chating,rambling,photo sessioning,grumbling.My parents wanted to came but i said gurdians were not allowed.My father seemed disheartened.Now i am repenting at least we could take pictures together.But ...
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