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  1. Thoughts on: Essayists, Poetry and Shakespeare inter alia



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    The world has had, and now has, some fine essayists. I am not in the same league as the finest, but they set the bar for me. An essay is an experiment, not a credo. It is an exercise in working out what one thinks at a particular time and in a particular place. It is something made up, to a certain extent, in response to an excited imagination, what some might see as an overheated brain, what I see as the product ...

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  2. Shakespeare's Measure of Civility

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    If gentleness is the quality of civility, acceptance of choice in the judge and allowance of choice in the judged is Shakespeare’s ultimate measure of civility.-W.G. Zeeveld, The Temper of Shakespeare’s Thought, Yale UP, London, 1974, p.257.

    Listen to the silence of this garden
    in the early morning where the sun
    touches everything with its tint of gold.
    Birds fly high into the blue sky and their
    notes of song dance over this